P-statement changes in 8th ATP of CLP / 5th Revision of GHS

A quick-reference guide to the before and after of P-statements applicable to the hazard classes is given on the first document attached here (clp-atp-8_p-statement-changes_application-elements.pdf). Note that only hazard classes with different P-code assignments are shown. The new P-codes are highlighted green. Don’t forget that the P-statements themselves are also changing (see the second tab of the workbook).

Some P-statements have been revised in the 5th revision of GHS and adopted by the EU in the 8th ATP of CLP for ease of comprehension or more efficient application. The second document attached here (clp-atp-8_p-statement-changes_revised-text.pdf) shows the Rev. 5 phrase and Rev. 4 phrase (in EU terms: the 8th ATP phrase and 4th ATP phrase) side-by-side for ease of comparison. The GHS phrase is highlighted green if the English in the CLP exactly matches GHS Revision 5; notes in orange indicate minor deviations with no significant impact; and notes in red indicate significant differences in the EU CLP logic compared to the GHS Rev. 5 logic. 

clp-atp-8_p-statement-changes_application-elements.pdf107.76 KB
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