Global Chemical Control Compliance

Chemical Safety Consulting can help you answer the question: “What must we do to legally manufacture or market a product in a specific country?” Chemical Control legislation is the first line of defense in chemical safety and sustainability. Respecting local legislation ensures that hard-won market share will not be compromised by non-compliance.

Chemical control legislation covers topics such as:

  • Bans and restrictions on specific chemicals or applications
  • Notifications, registrations, or permits required to manufacture or market products
  • Requirements for the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals in the workplace
  • Laws for the protection of public health and safety, and the environment

You can rely on Chemical Safety Consulting, and our network of global experts, to get you answers fast, so you can beat the competition to the market. We can help you understand your obligations with respect to:

  • REACH and Extended Safety Data Sheets
  • Globally Harmonized System
  • Chemical Control Regulations Worldwide
  • Training