Chemical Hazard Communications

With the adoption of national regulations following the guidance of the UNECE Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and as Europe’s Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) and similar regulations have been implemented, companies have experienced an unprecedented rate of change in the requirements for chemical hazard communication. [More…]

Industrial Health and Safety

Effective health and safety management can be the most elusive of goals. How can one measure what one hopes will not happen? How can an organization ensure that, even with turnover of personnel, that which cannot be forgotten will be remembered? [More…]

Global Chemical Control Compliance

Chemical Safety Consulting can help you answer the question: “What must we do to legally manufacture or market a product in a specific country?” Chemical Control legislation is the first line of defense in chemical safety and sustainability. [More…]


Sustainability has gone mainstream. Consumers increasingly expect businesses to balance profits, people, and planet. Mapping an authentic sustainability strategy which avoids pitfalls like greenwashing and maximizes competitive advantage requires the use of tools and systems that provide a “bigger picture” view. [More…]