About Chemical Safety Consulting

 Chemical Safety Consulting offers decades of experience in managing sustainability; best practices in health, safety, and environmental policy; and product stewardship. We specialize in supporting implementation of SDS Authoring software and managing chemical sustainability. We can provide the support, vision, and leadership to ensure your projects succeed. Clients appreciate that we communicate complex topics in a manner that can be easily understood. 

Our experience includes:

  • Global capabilities cover Europe; Asia-Pacific; North, Central and South America; Middle East; and Africa
    • Consulting on global chemical regulation compliance and best practices since 2008
    • Member and Vice President of the CEFIC Global Regulations and Capacity Building (GRCB) team (2000 through 2008);
  • Support for implementing or optimizing SDS Authoring in systems including UL WERCS Studio, SAP, ProductVision®, ChemGes, and more
  • Decades of industrial responsibility from plant to corporate management and executive team participation
    • ISO14001 Management System implementation
    • International Safety Rating System (ISRS) implementation
    • Negotiations with permit authorities and interested communities
    • Projects resulting in over 90% reduction in waste generation at an integrated chemicals facility
    • Project resulting in zero discharge of hazardous waste in metal finishing job shop
    • Obtaining and using research grants to develop innovative waste control techniques
    • Demonstrated achievement of world class safety performance records
  • Speaking engagements with Chem-Academy, SCHC, ChemCon, SOCMA/ACC, CEFIC, UL, REACH24H Consulting Group, and others. 
  • Freelance writer, specialized in global regulations, sustainability, science & technology, food & health, and travel & nature.