3-step compliance checklist for the 8th ATP of the EU CLP regulation on labels and safety data sheets

 As of 1 February 2018, new safety data sheets and product labels must comply with the rules that were adapted to technical progress in the 8th ATP of the European CLP regulation, Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/918 of 19 May 2016. Now is a good time to do a quick compliance check on your product stewardship program, to make sure your company follows the new rules and to remind your suppliers in case they have not noticed the deadline. [More…]

2018 REACH/CLP Enforcement: EU inspectors start safety data sheet and label quality checks

ECHA has announced that EU and EEA Member State inspectors have begun enforcement controls intended to improve the quality and harmonisation of CLP labels and ensure consistency between labels and the information in the safety data sheet. [More…]

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) System Compliance Review


Have you checked if your safety data sheet authoring system produces documents conforming to hazard communication regulations? 


Benefits of an SDS system compliance review [More…]

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) System Optimization Review


Are you using your safety data sheet authoring system to its full potential?


Benefits of an SDS system optimization review
Regulatory compliance presents a constantly evolving challenge. Your safety data sheet software system is continuously changing to meet new regulatory and business demands. But when was the last time you took a step back to see if you are still working optimally as you have adjusted and adapted to new requirements? [More…]